Do you check the entire website?

The whole site is usually checked for typos and spelling mistakes.  I will send a report to show what pages I have checked and the resulting errors (if any are identified).

What does the price cover?

The basic price covers the checking of the main website content and blog (if there is one), it does not include the checking of product descriptions (on shopping sites), forums and blog comments.  I will also not check any documents that are downloadable from the main site such as books or instruction manuals.

We can however discuss your requirements and agree a fee for the checking of any of the above.

Reported errors and typos

The report provided will show what pages I have checked and the resulting errors found.  If I am unsure about a word I will mark it as incorrect, this is to cover words that may be incorrect in the true sense of the English language however may be perfectly acceptable to a particular industry or niche.

Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the work carried out on your website I offer a full money back guarantee refund.

Minimum error charge

If once I have reviewed your website I find less that 5 errors I will not charge for my service and I will still provide a report of any errors identified totally free of charge.  I could charge on a per typo/error basis however neither party would know the cost at the outset.  By providing a minimum error threshold you can be safe in the knowledge that you will not be charged if the number of errors identified turns out to be minimal.

Bulk discount

For very large sites or if you have multiple websites I offer discounts to cover bulk orders, this can be discussed when agreeing the initial fee.

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