Website Errors Are Costing You Money

Your website is your opportunity to impress your customers, it’s how they find you and it may be your one and only chance to attract them to buy from you.

With that in mind can you afford to have mistakes and typo’s on your website?

Coming across typos can leave a bad impression on those visiting your website, which in turn can cause harm to the credibility and reputation of your business.

When you sell or communicate through your website, 99% of the time it is done by the written word, therefore it is extremely important to get the basics right. A simple spelling mistake or typo could be enough to put a customer off.

My name is Darren, and I create websites.

I came up with the idea of offering this service to other website owners after finding typing mistakes on my own websites. I then tested a small random sample of websites. I soon realised that I was not alone and that typos would regularly appear on all sorts of websites, after all everyone is human and therefore the larger the website the more likely the number of typos. So I have created a service that will find typo and other mistakes on websites

How does it work?

I will check all static pages of your website (see FAQ for what is not covered).

The cost is based on the  size of the website being checked and starts from £20, should fewer than 5 errors be identified then there will be no charge.

Once the website has been checked I will provide a report showing the pages I have checked and the resulting errors found.

Try for free

If you would like a trial of the service I offer then simply complete the form on the contact page with your website details and contact information and I will send you a sample report with a maximum of 2 mistakes.

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